Wed 12 April 2017

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Trees are a gift of nature that provide shade, fruits, and flowers, besides adding beauty to the landscape. Sometimes, it becomes important to get professional help to care for your trees. On such occasions, it is advisable to choose the services of a qualified tree surgeon. Tree works can be quite dangerous, and it requires skill and experience to do them safely and competently. You can get a better idea about the need to get a good arborist at

We have made the task of choosing the right tree surgeon easier by coming up with this list of questions you should ask the arborists. We took support from to frame the right questions to get the right professional to work for you. Choosing a good arborist is important to avoid injury to people as well as damage to properties and trees. So, here we go!

Ask for a written quote Any professional arborist would provide you with a written quote which would clearly state: the specific work that will be undertaken, the arrangements that are to be made to deal with the debris, final payment, applicable VAT if any, etc. It should also clearly state who will get permission to do the work if you are working on protected trees apart from the steps taken to safeguard you and your property. The name, address and the landline phone number should also be provided as mandatory information.

Ask about insurance It is extremely important that you ask this question and satisfy yourself with all the necessary certificates. This is a hazardous job which can sometimes entail great risks to the tree surgeon. So, do not take any chance on this one and refuse to work with someone who is not properly insured.

Ask about qualifications Tree surgeons who have studied arboriculture will be able to furnish certificates pertaining to their qualifications. These qualifications will give them the necessary knowledge to pursue their job well by being able to identify tree species, soil, the biology of trees, fungi and diseases, detection of decay, etc. Only a suitably qualified person can identify the problems and recommend proper solutions.

They also need Certificates of Competence to do various tasks like chainsaw use, tree climbing, aerial rescue, first aid, mobile elevated work platforms (MEWPS), etc. Training and certification in these areas are mandatory for a tree surgeon. So, don’t hesitate to ask to show the certificates.

Ask about membership in professional bodies While memberships do not give any guarantee about the workmanship, it does indicate a certain level of commitment. Some associations will have ‘approved contractors’ who will be rigorously assessed every now and then on various aspects of their work ensuring better quality.

Ask for testimonials You can ask them to provide the address or phone number of the clients they have worked for before with details of the work done. If they are ready to give this information, then try to follow up that lead to be sure about the arborist’s skills.

Armed with these questions, you can get the service of the best arborist in your locality.



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