Fri 03 March 2017

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Digital video recorder (DVR) is almost owned by every people in the world. But few of them could not afford to buy it due to the high cost of the device. It is the upfront cost that does not allow people to own a DVR. It is possible to enjoy a Dvr without subscription hub. It is possible to avoid the monthly fees that you pay. gives the technological information about the various devices in the market. This article enlightens people of the various options to enjoy the DVR without paying money and by the cheapest methods possible.

DVD/VHS Recorders These devices are used to record programs from cables, satellite, over the air signals. It is possible to record the shows to a recordable DVD or on a VHS tape. There exist certain limitations. People should record all the programs manually. It also occupies a very large disk space for the recordings.

DVD Recorders With Hard Drive Another option to enjoy a DVR without the monthly fees is to buy a DVR recorder with an inbuilt hard drive. It will cost a bit, but you can burn the shows when needed and keep on the disk. This device also does not come with an electronically programming guide (EPG). Some higher end models come with an EPG. The hard drive comes with a capacity of 500 GB which is sufficient to hold a week’s program.

Home Theater PC Home theater PC(HTPC) is a better option which allows you to enjoy programs without a monthly charge. The cost of the HTPC is bit more bit it is worth to buy it. It includes all the features required to enjoy the DVR. It includes an EPG, access to pictures, music, and videos stored on the PC. It is possible to record more programs as it can be augmented with hard drives.

Thus it is possible to enjoy you DVR without spending money from your pocket every month.


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