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This is ideal when there is a huge load of drinks and food as it cannot be carried around. Coolers with wheels are extremely easy to transport food from one place to another like tailgating, picnicking or to the beach. Most coolers with wheels come with handles so that they can be pulled conveniently. It most often found on the top or the sides of the cooler. Wheeled coolers are nothing but wheels attached to the ordinary coolers for easier transportation purposes. These coolers also come in handy during activities like camping, hunting, outdoor concerts, fishing, barbecues, day in a Park, sporting events etc.

There are many colors, styles and shapes available in wheeled coolers. There is also a wide price range to choose from, based on the affordability of the buyer. There are coolers for just one person, called the ‘personal wheeled cooler’ and there are also coolers that are large enough to fit food and drinks for an entire family. You can find the best reviews at Protect yourself this summer with this handy summer safety guide,

These wheeled coolers are also called rolling coolers. The list of few top rated rolling coolers with their reviews is given below.

Reviews Igloo Glide PRO Cooler

This Igloo PRO Cooler is made of strong, sturdy polyethylene, which is known for its heavy duty performance as a material to withstand any damage. The feature that is seen exclusively in this product is that the handle comes with a lock so that it stays in place. The ultratherm body keeps the ice for up to 5 days in temperature of up to 90 degrees. The wheeled cooler looks stylish but it is also sturdy enough o be dragged through woodlands or any tough terrain. Another customer-pleasing feature is the metal hinges, which does not break off easily.

Coleman 62-Quart Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

Some of the best coolers seen in market are made by Coleman. For tailgating, family picnic or camping, the most suited cooler is the Coleman cooler which has the capacity of 62-quart, equivalent to hold 85 cans of 12oz. the ice stays for up to 5 days at the condition of 90 degrees with the help of the thermozone insulation. The handle locks in place when not being used and this cooler has various compartments to store food and beverages. This cooler is rust resistant and the drain is leak proof.

Coleman 50-Quart Wheeled Ultimate Xtreme Marine Cooler

This is another one of the product of Coleman and has a 50 quart capacity. This has an extra thick insulation and has the ice retention quality which can save ice up to 6 days in 90 degrees. It also includes a tray and cutting board which proves convenient in cutting up everyday catch. The hardware is stainless steel which is rustproof and sturdy. This cooler can be drained without lifting it.

Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Roller 70-Quart Cooler

This cooler is cube shaped and handy with a 70 quart capacity. This cooler is shaped in such a way that 2 liter bottles can be stored upright. The insulation is thick and can store ice for up to 6 days under 90 degrees. There are also UV inhibitors to protect the product from sun damage. There are also beverage holders on the lids for convenience of the user.


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