The Fashion Icon: The Crop Top!

Sun 11 December 2016

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Who on earth doesn’t love the crop top? Today, so many celebrities are wearing them, that it’s only natural to try and emulate them. Which is why crop tops have emerged as one of the most hottest fashion trends to do the rounds around the major fashion circuits this year! Fashion houses like ChicV Company, for instance, are devoted to offering a plethora of styles that are designed to garner even more lovers of style and trend towards the crop top. Business websites like, have predicted a major boost in sales. This has only helped to intensify the competition that’s been ever raging amongst the designers in the field.

The crop top has been around for a very long time now. It has seen many evolutions during this time. Every girl with a penchant for trendsetting clothes will be sure to have this outfit in their wardrobe. And, if you don’t have a crop top, get up and shop for it. This is one fashion outfit you don’t want missing from your wardrobe!

Are you ready to experience this hot fashion phenomenon? Then, sit back and relax. This article will show you the way to find the perfect crop top to set you on the path of being the style diva you always wanted to be!

Style Diva Tip 1: Slim and tall beauties need not always wear plain colors. Try buying printed crop tops. Try colorful and vibrant motifs, paired with a skirt belonging to a solid color shade. Even if you’re a bit short, this style can make you appear long and lean!

Style Diva Tip 2: Pair the crop top with a midi skirt and see the effect this brings on. Tall women, who want to appear a little less intimidating, should try this as it will make them appear a bit shorter. But remember to choose neutral shaded skirts.

Style Diva Tip 3: If you happen to belong to the reverse triangle body shape, the best type of crop top would be one that belongs to the halter type category. The effect created gives a slimming look as the neckline is accentuated.

Style Diva Tip 4: Curvaceous babes will look really hot with this style tip- Just pair a crop top that ends at your waist, with a body-fitting skirt, like the pencil skirt. This hot number is sure to make a few heads turn in your direction!

Style Diva Tip 5: Plus sized women always feel disadvantaged when it comes to fashion. The crop top can be worn by them too. Just make sure that too much of the torso is not being shown. To do this just pair a high-waist skirt, with a slightly longer crop top.

Style Diva Tip 6: Petite ladies need to add inches to their height. For this try crop tops that have vertical lines or prints, paired with a pair of long trousers. This creates an illusion of height. Add a pair of heels to complete the look.

The perfect crop top can be worn anywhere and anytime!


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