Steps To Recover From Breast Augmentation Surgery

Fri 30 September 2016

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Hope, you would have come across the term Breast Augmentation. If you haven’t, it’s a medical surgery to change the size of your breast. Some women have small size breasts by birth and some may lost their breast size after pregnancy and for some others the size of the breast is not in proportion. This treatment is the best option to achieve size and symmetry.

You must choose the right breast Augmentation surgeon in Honolulu so that you can get the perfect treatment for your breast problem. It is your duty to pick a good breast augmentation surgeon to get the best effective treatment during the surgery and even post-surgery. You can check in Google by using the words Breast Augmentation Honolulu to select the right one. It is not advisable to go back home after the surgery. You must be stay in the hospital until your doctor allows you to get discharged. As per the doctor’s instructions you can eat something like crackers and drink some juices.

After the surgery, you may have dizziness and find it hard to open your eyes. It is because of the effects of the anesthetic used during surgery. But you must put in all your efforts to recover. The sooner you recover, the sooner you can go back to your home.

You will have pain in your breast if the implants are fixed below your muscles. These will cause more pressure and muscle pain in your chest. When the implants are kept above the muscles there may be pressure but you don’t get sore muscles. Numbness is a common aftereffect of this surgery and you may need a week or even a month to recover from it completely.

Swelling is normal after breast augmentation surgery. You may have swollen breasts, pain and feel a little warmth when you touch your breast. The amount of swelling varies from one person to another because of the uniqueness of the surgery to each person.

After the surgery, your body requires more amount of energy to heal. Your regular sleeping habits will be disturbed and this will make you more sluggish. Like other health problems it is only for short period and you will soon recover from it. Some women also feel a lack of appetite and it is completely based on their body type.

Other common health problems that may arise after the breast augmentation surgery are bloating, backache, itchy breast, constipation, itchy incisions, burning sensations etc. After one week of your surgery, you will start to feel better but it will take some more time to completely recover from the surgery.

Breast augmentation surgery is a little expensive and you must plan your budget accordingly. You can check with the doctor for payment options and also verify the experience and qualification of the surgeon. You can ask the feedback of the past clients whether they are happy with the surgeon’s treatment.

Remember to clearly explain your requirements to the doctor. You must tell your doctor about any previous surgeries that you may have undergone or if you are taking medicines for any other health problems. This will help your surgeon to choose the best treatment option for you.


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